Interview with Marcus Carlsson

Interview with Marcus Carlsson

Could you please introduce yourself and tell us how you started in the arts? and your first experience in art making?

I discovered the painting rather late, in 2009 when I attended a 5-day summer course in drawing. From the very first moment I was in love and could not stop to sketch. At that time it was only pencil and charcoal.

 In autumn 2011 I started painting with color. First painting was called «The fruit». It was exhibited once in Lund, Sweden. Even though I have no art educations, 

I always say that I just follow my heart.

My first art experience was when I discovered analog photography when I was 14 years old, I've been working as a pro photographer over 15 years before I start painting. Now it's my painting that's my art form and photography I do for a change.

How would you describe yourself and your artwork?

Explanation of my art

Art as I do it today is a mixture of the COBRA movement and action painting of the abstract expressionism. My vision of the abstract art is the chaos and the strictness combined giving a depth to a painting and that is what I always add to any series of my paintings. When I give a name to my art I also send a message with it and that means a lot to me. There are always one or more boxes in the paintings, it comes from my background as a photographer where an image is composed of square ”pixels".

Where do you get your inspiration from?

Can be from a question to a conversation or experience or something I've been thinking for a long time and I want to get it on canvas and be able to convey it to viewers, through my color compositions and my titles on my paintings ..

What emotions do you hope the viewers experience when looking at your art?

I convey a message through my paintings and then the viewer himself can experience and feel and let their imagination flow.

When do you know that an artwork is finished ?

When I finish my painting, it should be a balance and a deep and good lightning in different lightning,a painting should be good in every lighting from morning light to studio light.

What has been the most exciting moment in your art career so far?

That was when I had my first vernissage in Lund Sweden and nobody came. Hahaha.

What I can say, what's best  in my art career is that I can do  what I love and that's to create.

How long does it take to produce one work?

 I paint my painting in my head before I begin the canvas, even do color tests and sketches and what technique to use. .. a painting may take the time. if it takes from 5 minutes to 10 years .. art is not a production ..Art do you do for yourself, not for others. Then it's a bonus when people estimate my art form.

What exciting projects are you working on right now? Can you share some of the future plans for your artworks? 

I'm in a series called "deep in my soul", some are already out  on instagram.

My plan is to paint some more series and then decide where it will be displayed. most of my art goes to china.

Do you have any upcoming events or exhibitions we should know about?

 I have exhibitions in china where my agent works hard with various projects, even my paintings hang on a museum called MUSEUM OF CONTEMPORARY ART, ARTPLU China.

Where do you see your art going in five years?

Have just written a new 3 year contract with my agent. so my art will go to China especially.

what's happening in the future for new exhibitions and projects, for new paintings movies and my art you can visit the website and also for news you can follow me on instagram that already 150 thousand follows me








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