Gregory Emvy

Gregory Emvy

Gregory Emvy is an international artist and public figure. He works and lives between Moscow, Mexico and London. Gregory gained his success and recognition and had his first solo exhibition in 2014 in London during Frieze. His current exhibition is held in Dubai, Paris and Monaco. 

He won Amsterdam Art Fair, and was exhibited in Louvre Aft Fair and during Miami Art Basel 2016. Also being a fashion influencier, Gregory was featured in numerous prestigious publications including GQ, Vogue, Esquire, AD Magazine, Interview Magazine etc. Since recently Gregory started working on the furniture's design based on his artworks. 


        First solo exhibition during Frieze London, 2014

        Participated in Amsterdam International Art Fair 2015, he got first prize.

        Participated in Art Fair (Art Shopping) in Louvre 2015 – October. Biennale of contemporary art.

        Participated in Oxford International Art Fair 2016 (February)

        Solo exhibition “Metamorphoses”, Moscow 2016 (Gallery Triumph) 

        Miami Art Basel, 2016 (exhibition) 

        London, Opera Gallery (exhibition), 2017

        Dubai, Opera gallery (Solo exhibition), 2017

        Dubai , EchoDubai (2017)

Architectural constructions

       Architecture is the language of giants, the greatest system of visual elements that was ever created by the humankind.

    Just like artists, architects are not inclined to talk much, because they are aiming to create tangible objects. Each creative professional has their own tools for communicating their thoughts and feelings. 

        For me, the most complicated yet essential element of architecture and art is simplicity. Simple forms require perfect proportions and measurements that result in visual harmony. To achieve that in my works I experiment with texture and colors. 

        It’s not an easy task trying to translate words into construction elements. But being an admirer of architecture myself, I’m setting out on a mission to reimagine creations by leading architects of the world in paintings. It’s a complicated yet fascinating challenge. Please join me on my quest powered by imagination and by the artistic tools that will bring it into reality.

Florescencism by Lida Sherafatmand

Florescencism by Lida Sherafatmand

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