All in Painting

Hernan Bas

Born in 1978 in Miami, Florida, Hernan Bas creates works born of literary intrigue and tinged with nihilistic romanticism and old world imagery. Influenced by the Aesthetic and Decadent writers of the 19th century, in particular Oscar Wilde and Joris-Karl Huysman, Bas’s works weave together stories of adolescent adventures and the paranormal with classical poetry, religious stories, mythology and literature. 

Interview with Ryszard Miłek

 Ryszard Miłek lives and works in Poland. He has presented his art at more than 150 individual shows and participated in more than 140 collective exhibitions in Poland, Europe and the USA. He is a member of the Polish Pastel Artists’ Association, a member of the Union of Polish Artists and Designers and an honorary member of the Pastel Society of America, NY.

Interview with Mary Manchin

I create beautiful macabre pieces to make you rethink the past and how it is perceived. Almost all of my photos are original images from the early 1900s that I collect from estate sales and oddity shops around Los Angeles. I scans my found photos to preserve the original then photo manipulate and digitally paint them in Photoshop to make them a past you've never seen.

Katinka Lampe

Katinka Lampe paints portraits. Or at least, you can clearly recognise the representation of a person. Yet, this is not the main motive of the painting. The portrait merely serves as reason to make the painting. The portrait is the imagery concept. Her paintings greatly appeal to the beholders.

Becky Suss

Becky Suss was born in Philadelphia where she currently lives and works. She holds a BA from Williams College and an MFA from the University of California, Berkeley.Recent exhibition venues include the ICA Philadelphia, Fleisher/Ollman Gallery (Philadelphia, PA), and The Berman Museum (Collegeville, PA). 

Randi Matushevitz

Randi Matushevitz is a multidisciplinary artist living and working in Los Angeles. She received her BA from California State University Northridge, and her MFA in Painting from the University of Miami. She has exhibited in galleries, museums and art fairs in New York, Miami, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Buenos Aires, Caracas and Xalapa, Mexico. Her work has been featured in the Riot Material, Whitehot Magazine, Huffington Post, Art and Cake, Diversions LA, and the Las Vegas Review Journal.

Jacob Brostrup

Jacob Brostrup (Born .1973). Lives and work in Odsherred, Denmark and Barcelona, Spain. Within the last 10 years, the work of Brostrups has placed itself in the field of semi-realistic painters in Denmark. His works are coloristic, vibrant and the many details grab the viewer and plunges him in the vivid paintings.

Jesse Nusbaum

Jesse Nusbaum, a sculptor from Connecticut, is best known for creating realistic bronze animals. “I strive to replicate the actual subject,” explained the artist during a recent interview, “utilizing micro-detail encourages an intimate, close-up view.” Nusbaum’s commitment to fidelity is displayed in a unique technique he developed to highlight surface details.

Interview with Tang-Wei Hsu

My name is Tang-Wei Hsu. I am 39-years-old and I currently reside in Sunnyside, Queens with my wife and three kids. I was born and raised in Taiwan where I began my career as an artist. I moved to New York when I received an artist abroad subsidy from the Asian Cultural Council. I obtained a Bachelor’s degree in architecture at the Shih Chien University and an MFA in visual arts at the Tainan National University of Arts.

Olan Ventura

Olan Ventura (b. 1976) took up his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of the East, which hailed him as Most Outstanding Alumnus in 2007 for Fine Arts and Culture. He has mounted solo and group shows locally and internationally, and has explored themes ranging from identity, technology, popular culture, and more recently the folk Catholic traditions of his native Philippines and its expressions in contemporary life.

Interview with Rawan Ita

Rawan Ita is a Detroit based artist of Babylonian descent.  She was a full-time graduate student studying architecture, an intern, hairstylist, and volunteer.  On January 20th, 2017 all of that changed.  She was walking across a lot and was hit by an SUV.  As a result, Rawan lost much of her physical capabilities and life, as she knew it, had changed.  Injuries involving her spine, musculoskeletal, and nerves left her weakened and hurting.

Ana Nobre

Ana Nobre, born in Lisbon, Portugal in 1979. Graduated in Fine Arts-Painting, ESAD, in Caldas da Rainha, Portugal in 2006. About 5 years ago she moved to Algarve, Portugal. Since then, the mutation in her work has been remarkable. Made of contrasts, her painting reflects outbursts, critics… but always with a touch of fantasy.

Edmund Ian Grant

Edmund Ian Grant’s first foray into the arts occurred in the third grade; he began playing the saxophone at seven and continued through his collegiate years studying and playing Jazz. After a long hiatus for a professional career of Dentistry in the mid 1980s, Grant pursued the visual arts and taught himself to paint.