Dana Schutz

One of the most celebrated painters of her generation, Dana Schutz shapes fantastical and bizarre scenarios with bold swipes of the brush. Parallel worlds, grotesque creatures, and implausible action sequences become vehicles for color and expression.

Shadi Yousefian’s solo exhibition at The Space

Los Angeles’ newest gallery The Space was initiated on October 8 with a solo exhibition for Shadi Yousefian. This fifteen year retrospective covers several complete series of multi-media artworks that essentially all explore identity. As a female artist who moved from Tehran to America as a teenager, the themes of identity in her art include a range of angles to perceive identity.

Mike Dargas

Mike Dargas was born in 1983 in Cologne, Germany. The perfection of his technique serves his goal to tend towards the perfect image, reaching for the soul within each single one. Through his works, Mike Dargas challenges us to take a closer look, to understand the nature of human being and to question our own emotional perception.

Bibiana Martínez Marquez

Bibiana Martinez has developed a technique inscribed in the frontiers of the collage. The recollection of miniatures, metals, jewels, rhinestones, and an endless number of elements in apparent disuse, started to get involved with her drawings in the assembly of dynamic pieces of art, thus leading to a sensation of wavelength that creates subatomic movement on the pieces. Some built on canvas and some 3D scenarios.

Hilde Gustava

Norwegian artist Hilde Gustava creates dynamic pieces through the use of vibrant colors and textures. The opposite of the typical minimalist and ‘dark’ Norwegian artists (by her own description), Hilde is daring with color and her multiple-layering technique makes the structure and depth of her paintings rich and exciting.

Albert Oehlen

Albert Oehlen was born in Krefeld, Germany in 1954. He attended the Hochschule für Bildende Künste in Hamburg, where he studied art under Sigmar Polke until 1981. During the early stages of his career, Oehlen’s artistic interests and associations were diverse, and included music and painting.

Kevin Peterson

Kevin Peterson was born in 1979 in Elko, Nevada. After a childhood which included stints in Nevada, Michigan and Washington, Kevin arrived in Texas in 1996. He studied art and psychology at Austin College in Sherman, TX. He received degrees in Fine Art and Psychology in 2001.