Marilyn Mugot

Marilyn Mugot is a French graphic designer and photographer who hails from the Paris suburbs where she began drawing at an early age. Having joined a school of graphic design at the end of her adolescence, she soon found her love of photography supplanting her passion for drawing.

Barbara Egin

Barbara Egin is above all interested in people, and depictions of women constitute a major part of her oeuvre. Her female protagonists are not struggling to emancipate themselves, however, nor are they to be understood as sociocultural gender constructions. They are at once confident and uncertain, strong and vulnerable.

“IT’S NOT JUST ABOUT DYING” An Interview with Monia Ben Hamouda and Michele Gabriele

Between May 24 and June 10, OJ hosted the first duo exhibition of two young Italian artists, Monia Ben Hamouda and Michele Gabriele, entitled “It won't only kill you, it will hurt the whole time you're dying". Monia Ben Hamouda and Michele Gabriele are both artists based in Milan,IT. We came together with the artists to talk more about themselves and their upcoming show in OJ.

Venice Biennale 2017: Instagram Blockbusters and Must-See Pavilions

"Faust" by German artist Anne Imhof has long hours of few-seconds-videos on Instagram. This fractioned narrative hides unutterable sensations: a prison-style fence surrounds the external area, leading to the strained experience even before the actual performance; the pavilion reverberates frightful echoes, imperceptible by microphones; the internal structure is times bigger and higher than the lens can reveal but the numerous visitors contribute to claustrophobia, just to point a few elements that an insider can describe.


Femke Hiemstra

Originally an illustrator for Dutch magazines, pop surrealist artist Femke Hiemstra's works became so elaborate that she then turned her hand to fine art. Within her paintings she portrays a Grimm-esque world, where highly detailed animal characters are set against dark, surreal settings.

Nicola Kloosterman

Nicola Kloosterman (Johannesburg, 1976) is an analog collage artist from the Netherlands who works with found imagery. Her subjects vary from fragmented female figures and faces to landscapes, nature and abstracts made with coloured paper and textiles cut from fashion magazines. Her collages explore concepts of (in)visibility, perception and feminine power.

Tokyo International Art Fair 2017 Review

More than 7000 art aficionados were eager to enter through the doors of Hikarie Hall over the weekend (Friday 26th and Saturday 27th May 2017) as Tokyo city hosted the third Tokyo International Art Fair organised by the Global Art Agency (GAA Ltd). Hikarie Hall was arranged to perfection with over 150 artist and gallery stands from over 30 countries from around the world. The atmosphere was charged with positive vibes as visitors took in the wide range of original art available and took pieces they had purchased home.

Paola Pivi

Paola Pivi was born in 1971 in Milan, where she studied at the Milan Art Academy out of a desire, as she puts it, “to learn to draw.” Pivi’s work quickly took a conceptual turn, using photography, sculpture, and performance in multimedia works that also frequently include collaborations with both people and live animals.

Mary Saran

As Buddha found importance in the interconnectedness of all things, Mary´s work strives to connect personal emotions and philosophy creating a balance that stems from that interconnectedness, that lack of absolutes. These colorful organic universes are created and resemble astronomical clusters of mass or craters, the way matter accretes in space. The goal is to have her viewer share a glimpse into these magical free flowing and yet structured compositions that become trapped on the canvas.

Dana Schutz

One of the most celebrated painters of her generation, Dana Schutz shapes fantastical and bizarre scenarios with bold swipes of the brush. Parallel worlds, grotesque creatures, and implausible action sequences become vehicles for color and expression.

Neo Rauch

Neo Rauch's paintings are characterized by a unique combination of realism and surrealist abstraction. In many of his compositions, human figures engaged in manual labor or indeterminable tasks work against backdrops of mundane architecture, industrial settings, or bizarre and often barren landscapes.