Gregory Emvy

Gregory Emvy is an international artist and public figure. He works and lives between Moscow, Mexico and London. Gregory gained his success and recognition and had his first solo exhibition in 2014 in London during Frieze. His current exhibition is held in Dubai, Paris and Monaco.

Interview with Marcus Carlsson

Marcus Carlsson was born in 1977 in Teckomatorp, Sweden. He discovered the painting rather late, in 2009 when I attended a 5-day summer course in drawing. From the very first moment Marcus was in love and could not stop to sketch. At that time it was only pencil and charcoal.

In autumn 2011 he started painting with color. First painting was called simply «The fruit». It was exhibited once in Lund, Sweden. Even though he have no art educations, 

Marcus always says that 'I just follow my heart.'

Interview with Hee Sook Kim

Hee Sook Kim is currently Professor of Fine Arts at Haverford College in Philadelphia area. She is a nationally and internationally recognized artists showing her work in USA, Europe, and Asia since 1981 and receiving various awards. She has been represented by Causey Contemporary Gallery (New York) and Art Mora Gallery (New Jersey & Seoul, Korea).

Stella Viopoulos

Stella works in an abstract, mixed manner, using stucco and acrylic colours on canvas. Her main inspiration comes from her environment, which every season creates a different and outstanding combination of images and colours. When she paints she has the feeling that her spirit conquers her material, which guides her and gives form to her paintings throughout the alternation of her own feelings.

Paul Hartel

Without formal training, Hartel paints and draws with mixed media including oils, acrylics, oil pastels and charcoal, mostly in abstract and neo-expressionist styles, with influences that include DeKooning, Pollock, Twombly, Clemente, Miro, Frankenthaler, Mitchel and Wool. Hartel has exhibited in art galleries and international art fairs in New York City and West Virginia and galleries in Dublin where his work is for sale and has been sold and auctioned for private collectors and charitable organisations.

Nina Chanel Abney

Combining representation and abstraction, Nina Chanel Abney’s paintings capture the frenetic pace of contemporary culture. Broaching subjects as diverse as race, celebrity, religion, politics, sex, and art history, her works  eschew linear storytelling in lieu of disjointed narratives.

Yelena Lezhen

Yelena Lezhen is an American artist. Her preferred media is oil, acrylic and ink on canvas and paper. She immigrated to the US from Kiev, Ukraine in 1989 and settled down in New York.

Yelena participated in numerous art exhibitions in the US and Europe, and won a number of juried selection art competitions and awards. Her paintings and drawings can be found in private collections around the world, including United States, Germany, Israel, Russia, and Ukraine.

Anna Matykiewicz

Anna Matykiewicz was born in Poland and moved to Ireland in 2003. While living in Ireland, she completed B.A. Degree from Visual Communication in 2005 in Poznan, Poland but remained in Ireland where she currently resides.Anna's work is known for her bold color palette and her portraits with a great emotional load.

Aida Makoto

Aida was born in 1965 and gained a Masters in Fine Art from the Tokyo National University of Fine Arts in 1991. From the outset of his career, Aida began to paint in the style of ‘strangeness’ that identifies him today and which saw him regularly exhibiting across Japan from 1992, and from 2001 internationally in Germany, London and the USA.

Judith Meinhardt

Free, individual, anything else but normal, colorful, loud, in love with life, curious, brave, intense, emotional and vulnerable, enjoying the chaos of life that is Judith Meinhardt. Loving to meet new people, to extend her own boarders, to face her fears and loving every moment of it, that´s what makes her discover the world, moving to different countries and cultures.