Daniel McKinley

Could you please introduce yourself and tell us how you started in the arts? and your first experience in art making? I started in the arts because I was never satisfied with the real world. I have always felt that there was more, under yet,we are thought to settle. We are limited in our thoughts. I found that art was my only escape.

Conrad Roset

Conrad Roset spent the first part of his 29 years in Terrassa, his native city, among boxes of crayons, felt-tip pens and notebooks; the other part in Barcelona, surrounded by paints, moleskine notebooks, muses, colored pencils, and in the company of his gray cat. Drawing has been his passion and a constant feature in his life, since he played with his brother at drawing everything they liked until, years later, he draw inspiration from women to create the Muses, his most personal collection. “I search the beauty the body exudes, I like drawing the female figure.”


Best known for his large-scale photorealistic murals, Lonac is a highly talented Croatian artist whose amazing works can be found throughout his native country and beyond. His signature huge, eye-catching pieces – created with spray cans and brushes – are usually influenced by skateboard culture, comics, graffiti, movies, music, but also current social issues.

Beatriz Milhazes

Beatriz Milhazes works in the pure aesthetic style of the Pattern and Decoration movement. Influenced by her native land of Brazil, her vibrant and bold use of color and patterns create work that is as much playful, free and psychedelic, as it is geometric, organized and rhythmic.

Interview with Suzi Fadel Nassif

Lebanese born, Suzi Fadel Nassif, is a famed contemporary artist whose creative mind springs to life, artwork of intriguing mobility, wonder and emotional resonance. Naturally gifted from an early age, Suzi was determined to reach the pinnacle of her artistry. Driven by the artistic expressions of Salvador Dali, she developed a keen eye for minute details, analyzing colors and texture. Journeying into groundbreaking abstract impressionism and surrealism, she gains inspiration from the interconnectedness of people from different walks of life, cultural diversity, mysteries of existence and the semblance of emotions.

Interview with Gia Strauss 

Gia Strauss was born in Jerusalem to a Swiss German mother and a South African father on February 6 1988. Growing up in Israel during the Intifada, she endured a particularly difficult childhood. She then moved with her mother and siblings to Zanzibar where she spent a number of years. Returning to Israel she attended drama school in Tel Aviv, before moving to London in 2009 where she began to develop her talents as an artist focusing on painting, filmmaking and music (piano).

Anna Valdez

As a visual artist with an academic background in anthropology, and video, I view artists as cultural producers. In my work, I attempt to combine these practices into a specific investigation that cultivates not only personal identity, but also cultural meaning. Currently, I am working on various narratives that explore my own traditions and history through a visual format. This process has led me to rely on photographs, stories, family recipes, horticulture, and the tradition of crafting as something concrete in order to construct my autobiography. I consider this examination to be a rite of passage into a globalized society while simultaneously finding my niche within.

Robert Minervini

Robert Minervini (b.1981 Secaucus, NJ) is an artist working in painting, drawing, printmaking, murals, and site-specific public art. His work examines spatial environments and notions of utopia in large-scale cityscapes, landscapes, and floral still-life arrangements, which addresses the ecological impact of humanity.

Bo Mi Jo

Bo Mi Jo born in South Korea is an artist and a brand designer based in New York. Art is her loving companion for life. Her passionate talent in art has been recognized with numerous awards in painting, calligraphy, music, and writing since she was a child.

Jonas Wood

Jonas Wood’s paintings and works on paper display overlapping textures and disorienting compressions of space; the intimate settings invoke the work of forebears such as Matisse and Hockney, yet his distorted verdant rooms possess an affectless cut-out appearance all his own. In drawings, collages, watercolors, and paintings, outlines of pots and vases frame landscape and interior imagery.

Fu Wenjun

Fu Wenjun, born in 1955, Chinese contemporary artist, was graduated from Sichuan Fine Arts Institute. He creates principally through the art media of photography, installation, sculpture and oil painting, and has put forward the concept and practice of “Digital Pictorial Photography”.His works embody his thinking and reflection on many issues related to the Eastern and Western history, culture and humanity, including the relationship between different cultures in the age of globalization, the heritage of traditional Chinese culture in a rapidly changing society, industrialization and urbanization in Chinese cities.

Jonatan Alfaro

In my paintings, the contrasted colors, colliding head on, reign supreme. In delicately expressed, tenuous settings , I let things appear. They are evocative settings, which can be associated with the landscape, although it is a personal landscape, fractured and torn, in which we see intriguing openings. They are like a fleeting punctuation that opens up onto unknown panoramas. In these we see architectonic deviations that allow us to perceive corners and far-off, complicated settings.

Chrys Roboras

The strength of Roboras’ figures lies in the intensity with which she paints their eyes, which confront the world with an insecure joy. They wish for direct communication with boldness of color and texture, challenging the viewer to participate in their personal drama. The exquisitely bold and lyrical application of color contributes to the symbolism of each composition, advancing the expressiveness of the figures’ faces. 

Interview with Iliyan Ivanov

I was born in Burgas, a city of artists and poets in communist Bulgaria. Since 1996 I have lived in NY City and consider myself a New Yorker; but for all practical purposes I see myself as citizen of the world. My first memorable art experience was making art with my grandfather when I was 6 years old as we had a kind of an art contest drawing animals – I think I did 10 drawings in 5 min.

Kevin A. Rausch

Intense in raw imagery and intrinsically timeless in nature, the work of Kevin Rausch serves as a patchwork narrative, weaving together stories and scenes in a rich capturing of contemplative moments that waver just on the verge of concrete recognition. Monumental in scale, Rausch’s large format paintings depict far-away panoramas, distinct in their complex layering and astounding physicality, and the beings that wander continuously amongst them.

Olga Fine Arts

Born in Russia, based in Switzerland, Olga dedicates all her free time to discovering the beauty of the world with her camera. She traveled over 20 countries to capture exceptional nature, city vibes and culture. Her photos tell us a story of every city and person from a new perspective. Her photos design many homes and galleries.

June Korea - Moments Captured by the Epic Tale of Loneliness

There is an artist who lives with a doll that is not so different from human. Someone would ask, “Why does the man live with a doll?” June Korea, a very ordinary person, is an artist who lives with a doll “Eva.” Eva is his friend and lover, and a safe haven to lean on. He has been documenting every moment of feelings associated with this particular creature, Eva, in a medium called photography.