Paul Hartel

Hartel, from New York, spent his early years there in Buffalo, Jackson Heights, Manhattan, and the Bronx, and has lived and worked in New Jersey, Waterford Ireland, Saint Martin French West Indies, Netherlands Antilles, Washington DC, West Virginia, and now in Sligo Ireland.

Hartel paints and draws with mixed media including oils, acrylics, oil pastels and charcoal, in figurative, abstract and neo-expressionist styles, with influences that include DeKooning, Pollock, Twombly, Clemente, Miro, Frankenthaler, Mitchel, Kline and Wool. Hartel has exhibited and enjoyed representation by art galleries in New York City, Los Angeles, West Virginia, Waterford, Sligo and Dublin with works currently in residence at Green Gallery, Dublin, Ireland.

His work has been sold and auctioned for charitable organisations and private collectors in the U.S., Europe and Australia. Hartel is featured in many art book publications, magazines, cover art, online galleries and social media. His work includes abstract photography. 

“I think of my work as celebrating the spirit of everyone’s inner child through an improvisationally eviscerated and evocative energy. I feel this expressive energy retained in the strokes, lines, forms and colours encompassing their fleeting application, yet everlasting presence. Experimenting with a variety of tools and techniques, I believe my work yields a spontaneous veracity that may otherwise be mitigated by hesitation. I subscribe to a raw sense of urgency I feel parallels the excitement of life and all its accompanying intellectual, emotional and existential vicissitudes.

I strive to create a visual immediacy that may be combatively intense, keeping the viewer’s eye in perpetual motion. I like to conceptualise my work as a bridge between fantasy and abstract reality that I hope challenges our thoughts, perceptions, follies and wits. This union of interactive physical and psychological senses, whether harmonious or divergent, engenders a gestalt with the viewer and artwork that transcends each.”



Instagram: @phartel16

Facebook: Paul Hartel Sligo Ireland

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