Kallista Ivanova

Kallista Ivanova

Kallista Ivanova is a fresh name in modern art. Her literally shining canvases for four years managed to see the world, but rather the world saw the work of this artist. Callista does not try to catch the viewer’s attention with outrage, obscenity, or anonymity. Art should fascinate art itself, she said.

It makes no sense to search or invent who she follows, because Callista does not imitate anyone and goes only on her own way. To stop other people’s attempts to drive her painting into any framework, she created her own term: ARTKALLISTA STYLE. Art style Callista. It sounds very individualistic – but throughout the entire painting of Callista there is a bright seal of individuality.

Further, the story of Kallista Ivanova about herself and her work in the first person.

My mission is to show the beautiful facets of the world of modern art. Art for me is a fairy tale where beauty, style and luxury dominate.

Today the world of modern art is wide and multifaceted. But very much, in my opinion incomprehensible, repulsive, causing unpleasant and depressive sensations. At some point, the world of contemporary art began to acquire forms of mass degradation, where everything got confused, where there is no clarity, where images of negative emotions, emptiness and oblivion dominate, where the bad people want to impose on us as good. People are already tired of all this …

It seems to me that now the world of contemporary art is at a turning point, at the point of its rebirth. I think that all unnecessary and unnecessary will soon die out, as dinosaurs died out in due time. But at the same time, new forms, styles and trends will certainly appear – this is the law of evolution and development.

In my opinion, there will remain two categories of artists: they are academic artisans and creators from God. Yes, for me there is a category of artists whom I call the Creators from God, there are very few of them, but they exist. For me, an artist is a poet to whom lines come from somewhere outside, and no one can scientifically justify this: why these very lines come to someone, but not to someone.

All the images that I recreate on canvas – this is what I see in a dream or in real life at certain moments, sometimes even in the most unexpected and unexpected places. I have to carry a notebook with me to make sketches at the right time or to put information in a safe in my head.

But even at that moment, I do not see the complete picture. I never know in advance what happens in the end. Therefore, the birth of a new picture is always a great mystery to me, like the birth of a child. A true master has a hand – more than a hand, she feels, sees and does as it should be done.

For me, a picture is not just a daub, the picture must carry a meaning or fit into the interior; and even better when both occur.

The correct picture pleases the eye, surprises guests, creates a certain atmosphere and gives a unique style. Artist Kallista Ivanova.

If your picture causes certain emotions and gives aesthetic pleasure, then this is the right picture. For me personally, great art – fascinates, captivates with beauty, helps to think.

When I started to create my works, I did not think that they would become so popular and would cause such interest. What I created was loved by many connoisseurs and artists. Today, my work, my technique, my ideas copy thousands of people. These “copiers” are growing exponentially around the world. I think they will soon be a million.

I am Armenian myself. My grandfather Aidartsyan Miasnik Hachaturovich is a musician, my great-grandfather Aidartsyan Hachatur Nikolovich is a decorative artist. Mom also wrote portraits well. Grew up in a creative family. For my children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, I want to leave a wonderful legacy. I really want to believe that looking at this or that work, they will draw the right conclusions, despite the kind of propaganda of sometimes immoral things.

The canvas is necessary for me to express the feelings that overwhelm me and show the beauty of pure color …

Once you open the door and enter the world of beautiful art, you will want to stay there forever.

I want the audience, looking at the pictures I have created, to penetrate into the world of beautiful art, to feel what they never felt, to see what they had never seen.

ARTKALLISTA is a new direction in the world of contemporary art. A significant style extravaganza, unique in concept, an elaborate and spectacular separate kind of art, based on decoration, monumental art, applied art. The term ARTKALLISTA itself made up from the English: “art” and the Greek: “kallista” meaning the most beautiful of all) transliteration — beautiful art.

Email: kallista21@mail.ru

Website: www.artkallista.com

Instagram: @art_kallista

Facebook: Kallista Ivanova

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