Interview with Juana Reimers

Interview with Juana Reimers

Could you please introduce yourself and tell us how you started in the arts? and your first experience in art making?

I grew up in an art-loving family so art has always been around me and part of me. My mother painted large muralsand I remember standing in front of them just watching with big children eyes when I was five years old. 

My grandfather was a painter and an inventor, a great spirit. He taught me the basics of painting. As long as I can remember, I painted; my heart belongs to art and it has always granted a kind of freedom to me. 

When I was a child I rather withdraw into my room and painted by myself than meeting other kids to play with. Being an adolescent I found my home in the world of art, where I was absolutely free and felt comfortable. So it was absolutely natural that I turned passion into work and I still follow my heart and pursue my great dreams.

How would you describe yourself and your artwork?

This is a difficult question, which might be better answered bypersons who love my art like gallerists or experts. 

I regard myself as a tool which creates paintings, because they are eager to be ‚born‘ and they form a part of me. 

The art historian Dr. Barbara Aust-Wegemund describes my art as following:
The artist Juana Reimers succeeds in sharpening the view of the observer, as she arranges the pictures motifs by superimposing them on multitude levels, sometimes zooming in or out. The complexity of the composition invites you to read in, more than that to drag you into another reality, in the excitement, cheerfulness and carefreeness, as well as the firm belief in the good in man which seems limitless.
With this summary I can describe myself as well as my art.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

Everything everywhere inspires me. I absorb life and ideaslike a thirsty sponge absorbs water. I like inspiration by the old masters of art and I love combining experience with something new. The beauty of nature is vital to my soul and grants peace and calmness and makes my energy flow to inspire me. Museums and exhibitions are also an ideal source for inspiration. 

During the night it often happens that I dream of my future pictures then I awake instantly and I realize “it wants to be born”! A new idea, something tremendous, which overwhelms me and is so intense that I can barely resist to wait for the morning and cherish the magic of creation.

In the words of Victor Hugo: „Nothing is more powerful than an idea, which’s time has come.“

What emotions do you hope the viewers experience when looking at your art?

I hope that people do realize the positive without greater explanation and that the „hidden” unveils in order to become“obvious”. I desire and wish that they feel what I felt duringcreation. When painting I am guided by emotions and it becomes „my“ picture, but the picture of course attracts people who are responsive to those emotions and they get caught by my art. So I am constantly getting to know new individuals, who share the same point of view, which is always fascinating and impressive. Those persons canexperience my picture through my eyes, without any explanation! Sometimes those situations move me to tears.

When do you know that an artwork is finished ?

When I get the feeling, that any further action on the canvas would be too much, I put the picture away for some days. After that I position it close to myself to build a connection and if I like it then the way it is, it is finished.

What has been the most exciting moment in your art career so far?

I think there have already been a lot of exciting moments in my career, but most special was my very first exhibition in a gallery in Karlsruhe, Germany in XXX Jahr Eintragen. I think it honors each artist when a whole gallery is exclusively designed by her work. Also a lot of pressure and excitement applied because it was my very first exhibition I have ever had in my whole life. My feelings were indescribable – full ofexpectations, fear and pure happiness. In the end the visitors were enthusiastic about my art and so it was more than worth the stress. 

The second successful event I had last year, when I organized an exhibition on my own in conjunction with the reading of a great author fitting exactly to my art. We had live music and lyrical poems also attuned to my pictures. Even though I was very much excited in advance and more than happy that everything went perfect, this was a delectation of arts.

How long does it take to produce one work?

That is hard to say. Sometimes a non-finished picture takes a little longer and then suddenly I have the right idea on how to finalise it and then it appears perfect to me. That can last up to one year. However, with other series then it can be much faster. I often put non-finished works aside until the right moment has come to complete them. 

 What exciting projects are you working on right now? Can you share some of the future plans for your artworks? 

At the moment I have been working on a new 3D sculptureseries for more than one year. In some weeks it will be professionally photographed and then it will be unveiled. These last phases are always very stressful and full of excitement. 

And then I plan another project together with two artist. At the moment this is in the very beginning, but as soon as it is finalized, it will become another peak in my career, I hope. 

 Do you have any upcoming events or exhibitions we should know about?

In March two of my pictures are going to be exhibited at the Amory Weeks in New York, US. 

On April, 26th I will have an exhibition in the town hall / Art-House Phillipsburg, LAnd. 

Furthermore, I would like to exhibit my new 3D series. If someone is interested in exhibiting it, please contact me!

Where do you see your art going in five years?

That I exhibit my pictures all over the world in established well known galleries. With some luck I will find some new art lovers, who lost their hearts to art just as I did.

Instagram: @juana_reimers_art



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