Interview with Tim Grosjean

Interview with Tim Grosjean

I was born in Switzerland in 1991 and I’ve always expressed my sensibility trough drawing, painting and creation. In 2018 I did my first exhibition in Switzerland and exposed some realistic artwork. In november i did an exhibition in London where i had the opportunity to make my symbols live. Art is for me, a way to communicate something that is sometimes invisible for the eyes.

Could you please introduce yourself and tell us how you started in the arts? and your first experience in art making?

Art was always part of myself. It was a way to express and communicate with the world without words. For me, is my artistic sensibility related to some life situation that I went trough my young age. It was my way to connect and understand the world.

How would you describe yourself and your artwork?

I describe myself more as a translater than an artist. I transfer the feeling that I have for someone to the paper. I see a person and can feel her energy. Then is my mind building a symbol related to this energy and i transfer it to the paper. Every single symbol is different to all the others.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

People’s energy. I work with the emotions, the feelings, the life situations and the stories of the people.

What emotions do you hope the viewers experience when looking at your art?

It depends on every symbol and person but my main ambition is that they can recognize themselve into the symbol. That they can maybe discover a part of themselves that they didn’t expect or forgot.

When do you know that an artwork is finished ?

I’m working with my feels. I can precisely feel when my work is done or need to be modified. Sometimes I remake a symbol ten times if it feels not right for me. It’s like a symphony, until the sound is not correcct, I still continue to find the right sound.

What has been the most exciting moment in your art career so far?

My live session in London at the Brick Lane Gallery where I had the honor to make a live session of my symbols. Sharing deep feelings with strangers and speak about it make us remember this connection that we all share for each and everyone.

How long does it take to produce one work?

It depends, it can take just one second or a fiew minutes. Sometimes I can feel the emotions and energies of a person very easy and sometimes it takes more time to see it.

What exciting projects are you working on right now? Can you share some of the future plans for your artworks? 

Currently I'm still working with symbols for people on instagram. The demand is growing every day so that motivates me to continue. In the same time I’m planning to do some live sessions for 2019 in Switzerland.

Do you have any upcoming events or exhibitions we should know about?

I have an exhibition planned in Roma next March 2019, more details will follow on my social media channels

Where do you see your art going in five years?

My ambition is to continue to share what i do with others, because it is this contact and sharing with the world who makes me feel happy and acomplished. i can’t say now in which way I will do it in five years, maybe my style will change completely. I’m not the kind of artist which is specialized only in one style. I like to change and try new technics. But the goal is always the same. Sharing feelings.

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