Blackartprojects and Mark Whalen present SKETCHBOOK

Blackartprojects and Mark Whalen present SKETCHBOOK



Thursday 16 February, 7-9pm

Exhibition 16-18 February 2017


7 Campbell Street

Collingwood, Melbourne, Victoria


100 pages of select drawings 2006-2016


5.7" x 8.4" (14.5 x 21.3cm)

Link to publication here

Standard Edition (Australia)

$40 + $10 postage

Standard Edition (International)

$40 + $25 postage

Limited Edition (100 copies)

$250 hand signed + original watercolour

Mark Whalen uses pencil and tracing paper as a means to sketch out ideas before they are rubbed, like a transfer, onto board, his preferred medium on which to paint. For nearly a decade these sketches have lay in flat files in his studio. Featuring selected images of these unseen works, this 100 page publication comes in both a standard edition of 1000 copies and a limited edition of 100 copies containing an original watercolour.Mark Whalen is an Australian born, Los Angeles basedartist. Whalen expresses satirical social narratives in seemingly universal situations. The most recent series of sculptural works continues his study into the

complexities of displacement and positioning that we, as both individuals and a species, experience through our evolutionary trajectory. Construction netting captures, cordons and compartmentalizes our distinctive characteristics as they shift under the weight of societal pressure through this ever-changing global economy.

Luiz Zerbini

Luiz Zerbini

Art Brief lll: The (Un)Draped Woman

Art Brief lll: The (Un)Draped Woman