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June Korea - Moments Captured by the Epic Tale of Loneliness

There is an artist who lives with a doll that is not so different from human. Someone would ask, “Why does the man live with a doll?” June Korea, a very ordinary person, is an artist who lives with a doll “Eva.” Eva is his friend and lover, and a safe haven to lean on. He has been documenting every moment of feelings associated with this particular creature, Eva, in a medium called photography.

Marilyn Mugot

Marilyn Mugot is a French graphic designer and photographer who hails from the Paris suburbs where she began drawing at an early age. Having joined a school of graphic design at the end of her adolescence, she soon found her love of photography supplanting her passion for drawing.

Marta Lamovsek Photography

Marta is a Slovenian photographer and creative director, specialising in portrait, fashion and advertising. She is alumni of London's renowned Central Saint Martin’s College of Art & Design. Her work has been published in several books and more than fifty international publications, such as VICE magazine (UK), Vogue (UK), Marie Claire (ME) and Elle (ME).