Stella Viopoulos

Stella Viopoulos

Stella Viopoulos was born in Thessaloniki, Greece and currently resides in Athens. She holds a degree in Economics from the Aristotelian University of Thessaloniki.

Although, she was absorbed by her own personal business and career, she kept herself occupied with painting, her big undeclared love, which finally completely won over her.

She has attended two years of workshop meetings, with the painter Stelios Maromatis, who was actually the man who inspired her and sparked her interest to this type of art.

She also attended another year of sketch lessons and then, she finally decided to continue by herself in search of creating an individual technique, which would better express her unique character.

Stella works in an abstract, mixed manner, using stucco and acrylic colours on canvas. Her main inspiration comes from her environment, which every season creates a different and outstanding combination of images and colours.

When she paints she has the feeling that her spirit conquers her material, which guides her and gives form to her paintings throughout the alternation of her own feelings. Most of her paintings are scenes which, passing through a plethora of feelings, ideas and thoughts, get printed on the canvas, becoming spontaneously transformed.

In some cases, the same motif gets printed under a different light and weather or other times throughout reversal reflections. It could be described as a thorough accident, in which the world of accidents, hides a conscious decision of colours and direction of the brush and the spatula. Nothing is either flat, or colourless. The refusal, the infelicity, the dismissal are standing out from the canvas and become more real by the use of stucco.

Her expressionistic scenes have vivid experiential clues of her personal life; have favourite and reborn colours, which have been optically experienced. For Stella, painting expresses everything that makes her happy, everything that hurts her and everything that depresses her.

Works of hers are part of the Museum of Nevada’s art collection, as well as other private collections in Greece and countries across the globe. Furthermore, her work has been included in several Art books, such as, the “International Contemporary Masters” and the “Art in Focus: The modern Masters”.

 Solo exhibitions

2015:   Art space “The Mandarin”, Athens; Greece

2013:   Gallery “ARTION”, Thessaloniki; Greece

2013:   Gallery “New Art Center”, New York; United States  

2013:   Gallery “STEINER”, Vienna; Austria

2011:   Gallery “Iris Marisa Fasianou”, Athens; Greece

 Group exhibitions

2015:   “Christmas Charity Concert, Reception and Dinner with Mario Fangoulis”,

       Jumeirah Carlton Tower, London; United Kingdom

2013:   “London Art Biennale 2013”, Chelsea Old Town Hall, London; United Kingdom

2013:   “Biennale Internazionale RTE di Palermo”, Palermo; Italy   

2012:  “Siel de Paris”, Atelier- Richelieu, Paris; France 

2012:  “Earth Vortices” Castello di Estense, Ferrara; Italy

2012:  “ARTOUR-O”, Auditorium Al Duomo, Florence; Italy 

2012:  “Broken Boundaries”, Chelsea Fine Arts Building, New York; United States

2011:  ‘‘Cheapart 17’’, Athens; Greece

2011:  “World Tour of Contemporary Art” The Gallery in Redchurch Street, London;

             United Kingdom

2011:   Southern Nevada Museum of Fine Arts, Las Vegas; United States

2010:  ‘‘Cheapart 16’’, Gallery A. Antonopoulou, Athens; Greece

2010:  “Cheapart”, Thessaloniki; Greece

2009:  “Cheapart 15”, Athens; Greece






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