Katharina Goldyn

Katharina Goldyn

GOLDYN, P.h.D. ( born in 1974 ) is a Munich- based artist from Poland. After graduating from the Institute of fine Arts in Czestochowa, Poland ( 1989-1994), sche continued her studio at the Wroclaw(Breslau) E.Geppert  Academy of fine Arts  ( 1994-2000) with Diplom and Master.  Sche obtained a Doctor of Painting and Sculpture from E. Geppert Fine Arts Academy in Wroclaw( Breslau) in 2011.She lives in Munich , where she has one studio,  the second one being in Breslau. She is  owner and Professor of Studio Zeiler, - one oft he oldest private drawning and painting schools in Munich, which has been in existence for 60 years.

In 2017 is she laureate ,winning work,“Crucifixion“ 

In ARTEDITION 2018, Innsbruck, Austria

In 2015 she won first prize in the 10-9 Nano Art International Competition , Galerie Roi Dore in Paris.

2014 Promotion for joung Artists, Gallery“ Promocyjna“ Warsaw, Pl

She regularly participates in major exibitions like Museum MEAM Barcelona ( 2017), Galerie Roi Dore Paris(2015,16), Galerie M.A.D. Milano(2017,2018),    XI Biennale Florence(2017),  Biennale Palermo(2017) and Pieschera de Garda(2017), Art Expo New York(2017); Art San Diego(2016), Spectrum Miami(2016), Bramante Hall Rom(2017), Art Festivai to Palace Pontifical(2017), Rom,Interviev and Winter Magazin Art Tour International, New York (2017), Gallery 101 Warsaw(2014), LDX Gallery Berlin and Malta(2013,2014), In Arte Werkkunst Berlin(2017), Gallery Innovation(2017), Innsbruck, Fair Art Cologne,Koeln(2014),

 Palace Expo Velli, Rom(2017), Art Ego Culture Center, Kiew(2017), Circle Foundation for Artist(2017), Lyon, Biennal of Nations, Venedig(2018, Marz)

 and more exhibitions.

How I define my style:

I may call my art “visionary”. I have created a vision of a “New Man”. The eternally female is multiple for me. The line of breasts symbolizes giving life and keeping life, which has also become my signature, my brand. My art is art which is engaging socially. My art is a countermovement to the material culture of our times. I am facing up to the fined “Barbie Culture”. I am re-imagining Christian tradition. I am replacing male apostle by female apostle. In my cycle “Female Apostles“, in my work „Last Supper“ (by Leonardo da Vinci) I am replacing male apostles by female ones, remaining only one apostle whose finger is pointing to heaven. My art is connecting tradition with new age visual semiotic.

What is most important is to be free and honest. If you aren’t honest just like in jazz music, you won‘t exist as a jazz musician nor as an artist!

My art kitchen is a laboratory where I am making experiences and NOTHING doesn’t matter. It is a laboratory where I am creating attitude. I am thinking.

Authenticity and artificiality, reality and deception, consumption and religion – these are the subjects I am dealing with.

The vision of a „New Man“ began in 2008 with the first objects, then paintings; in 2014 I started continuing “New Man” to cycle “Female Apostles” and from 2017 “Female Priests” and “Female Cardinals”. Now I am working on “Female Pope”. But as you can see, I have been working on a project for nine years already, and it is still developing and changing continuously.

With my art, I want to convey to the spectator:

Against dogmatism, against stereotypes, against clickers, against fixed thoughts, FOR CREATIVITY, for constant movement, for sensitivity, for utopia.

The world needs visionary artists just like Leonardo da Vinci. Already at his time, he had the vision that man would be able to fly, and he built first prototypes. Without visionary artists and scientists, we still would be sitting in caves.

With my paintings, I want to convey:


- Katharina Goldyn

A perspectival guery coming from parallel universes in which we are called to live at the same time, one by dreaming and one by shaping. What if the dream is nothing but the reality of another universe, just as real, as close, as terribly possible as the first one?. 

A universe reflecting the one we thing to live in. The key to open the the perception gates seems to be in the hands Katharina Goldyn-Vogl , versatile artist deeply in influenced by Dadaist ans Surrealist authority. 

„Cherchez la femme : Supper with female Apostles“ finds ist own space floating between the theories oft wo ma- sters, such as Immanuel Kant and Isaac Newton: while Kant claims, dissenting Newton , that the universe is merely expressed through the laws of nature, regardless oft the intervention of a divine architect. 

Nevertheless, nor Newton nor Kant consider the desire to create and realize the dream- which means, fort he artist, to create Art.
It appears to as that Goldyn is closer tot he idealistic philosophy promoted by Kant. 

In this artwork she represents the very proper principle of the transcendental nature of knowledge, that lingers into the boundaries oft he possible experience and yet reveals independent forms, conditioning the experience itself. 

The need fort he absolute , inherent tot he human nature, bringst o the overcoming oft he human knowledge limits, neccessarily carrying to illusion.
Goldyn gracefully leads us in the parallel universe where her creative mind lies, just like Caronte did with Dante when he took the poet on the other side oft he Acheronte. She makes us land into the dream that has been accomplished nowadays by the most important art galleries wordwide. 

Goldyn , with„Cherchez la femme: Super with female Apostles“,
connected painting and sculpture with fashion and design, realizing an astounding stage risen from an accurate and deep concept. 

A contemporary “if“ placed in the middle oft he Leonardo da Vinci ́s Last Supper, totally re built starting from a psychedelic dream- similar tot he one described by the Cheshire Cato f Alice in Wonderland, located in an upside- down world of oddities and wonders. 

The gender supremacy oft he man, featuring our society since fist very proper beginning, is now flipped over, and it takes a female face. 

And here ́s the questions : in which reality would we live into, if the path would be started with a chess game and finished with the Queen checkmante on the King? 

-Carlo Greco Art Director M.A.D. Gallery Milano

Visual compositions that find in the genius of photographic shot their strength. Katharina Goldyn is a photographer able to re- elaborate reality, repositioning it visually through her new visions. Beyond that, the dichotomy of darkness, which opposes the light. Beyond those eeting values attributed to the sign. Beyond the research purely visual. Beyond all this. Goldyn ́s photographic views rise. Scenarios that project new realities. Realities that do not reside in metropolitan chaos, but in that universe where the genius oft he sign dialogues harmoniously with the creative power. 

-Salvatore Russo


International Artist 2018, IT

International Art Tour Winter Magazin 2017, New York

ARTEDITION 2018, Verlag Studia Universität Verlag, Innsbruck,

 The first Berliner Art Book 2017 and  The first Berliner Art Book2018, 

Internationale Kunst Heute 2017,M. Kolle, Dr. Ingrid Gardill

We Contemporary 2017, Musa International Art Space, It.

XI Florence Biennale

The Best Contemporary Artist 2017,IT.

Art Internationale Magazine 4 / 17 , It, 

Segnalati Berlin 2017 and more Cataloge


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