Ivana Masic

Ivana Masic

Ivana Masic was born and raised in White Plains, New York. She graduated
from Manhattanville College with a Masters in Art and Education & a BFA double major in Business Management and Fine Art.

She proudly teaches fine art at Valhalla High School in NY. Ivana has exhibited at a variety of exciting places and venues such
as Times Square NYC, Chelsea/ The Amsterdam Whitney Gallery, Artifact Gallery, etc.

Ivana collaborates often with various artists, musicians, producers, directors, writers, educators & healers.

For example, she enjoys being involved with communities who want to make a positive change therefore engaging her in various types of philanthropic work. She acted as the Education and Arts Director for CNYLA, a non- profit organization and she enjoyed her work as art director for the NY based company called The Last Automat Press which lead her to design over 30 book covers.

Further, Ivana has been added to IMDB for her artful achievements in film production. She even enjoys sharing her vocals for various projects and music productions. All in all, her artistic voice is most known for the imaginative and dynamic color that creates a visual syntax of emotion, passion and rhythm.

''As an artist- I choose to create.
I mostly create abstract expressive paintings because such work allows me to explore the soulful relationship of color, line, and human form. 

My work has grown to represent vast visual intervals of dynamic shapes and figures. I enjoy learning, educating and uncovering honest imagery through personal exploration by delving into the creative process. 

When I create, I take a risk. I allow a moment, an energy, or an emotion, to inspire me. Further, with each exploration and artwork, I intend to convey truth. This artful truth becomes an acknowledgement of a single moment in time, which transforms into the revival of art. 

I am passionate about art and I believe that education and the arts are key juxtaposed components of improving our society. Through the arts, we can indefinitely teach and through education and creativity, we can mend our world. 

Artists work from the heart whether it is a description of pain, bliss, or enlightenment. I am thankful to be an artist and I believe that true art can help us see, feel and enjoy a sense of wonder, which can make us feel inspired and know that anything is possible. 

Within the artists' eye there is a beginning and the recognition of a wonderful story... ...the art therefore, is the unquiet answer. ''- Ivana Masic
Website:  www.ivanamasic.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ivanamasicartist/

Twitter: @IvanaMasic1

Instagram: @anavi_art

International Art Book: http://artbook.gallery/ivana.masic

IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm4099276/?ref_=fn_al_nm_1

Artfinder: https://www.artfinder.com/ivana-masic#/

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