Hyunsoo Kim

As an artist, I am concerned with social, political, and human issues. From South Korea living abroad in Bonn, Germany, I observe circumstances of life from my own perspective. These topics, I am preoccupied with, are derived from personal experiences as well as reflection on a certain theme. 

Beside feelings and contemplations, music plays an essential role in my inspirational process. 

I try to present my point of view on those issues through colour, composition, and perspective – and in my recent works, adding collage in order to express different kinds of reality. Applying layers of paint that are then partially scraped off by a palette knife, the multi-layered surfaces are supposed to keep the viewer’s eye in constant motion. 

To intensify the effects of the visual depictions I have had several artistic performances in recent time in collaboration with musicians who were inspired by my paintings. In these art projects the sphere of sound and domain of vision are meant to synthesize to form a synesthetic experience. In these sense, I regard those projects as an exchange of mutual inspiration. 

In the end, art is my preferred way to communicate with other people. 

Personal Information

Freelance artist in Bonn since 2010
2004 ‒ 2006 enrolled at the University of Technology in Kaiserslautern majoring in Architecture 2003 entry into Germany
2001 occupation as interior architect in Greater-Seoul
1997 studies of art majoring in Interior Design, Seoul
1975 born in Gu-Hang, Hongseong-Gun, grown up in Seoul and Anyang 

Solo Exhibitions

2016 Glücklich, aber relativ at Galerie Smend, Cologne, Germany
2015 Open Mind at Fabrik45 within the program of SaisonstART BONN 2015, Bonn
2014 Abgeklärt ??? at Galerie Smend, Cologne
2014 Auszeit für den Fitnessclub-Hamster at TENRI Japanese-German culture workshop, Cologne 2012 end.los at Kult41, Bonn
2011 Ich bin es organized by the art society Erftstadt, Lechenich
2011 Angst at Kult41, Bonn
2010 Botschaft at IFZ (Internationales Frauenzentrum Bonn e. V.), Bonn 

Collective Exhibitions

2017 James L Knight Center: Public Art Program, Permanent Exhibition, at James L. Knight Center with Nina Torres | Fine Art (Miami), Miami 

2016 KUNST daheim at Villa Spalteholz, Dresden-Laubegast, Germany
2016 NORD KOREA ZUID - ÉEN CULTUUR VAN VERSCHIL at Kasteel Stijthagen / ArtLand, Landgraaf 2016 OHNEGRENZEN at Fabrik 45 within the progarm of the Macke Quater Festival 2016, Bonn
2016 Ausstellung im DIE at the German Institute for Adult Education (DIE), Bonn
2015 In Case You’re Lost at Fabrik45, Bonn
2014 Inspiration – Konstruktion (double exhibition) organized by the art society Bad Godesberg, Bonn 2014 Mélange of Milieu at Agora Gallery, New York
2014 SQUARE at SPACE WOMb Gallery, New York
2012 Untitled at La Galleria, London
2010 Nauten at viktoria b, Bonn
2010 Showcase at Kult41, Bonn 

Art Fairs
2017 Miami River Art Fair (the international. art fair) with AHC (Hamburg) in Miami, USA
2016 ARTROOMS (international art fair for independent artists) at the Meliá White House, London, UK 2015 Art Busan (international art fair) with SPACE WOMb Gallery (New York), Busan, South Korea 2015 World Art Dubai (international art fair) with SPACE WOMb Gallery (New York), Dubai, UAE 


2016 art project Glücklich, aber relativ at Galerie Smend, Cologne, Germany along with Oliver von Klösterlein 

2015 art project Open Mind along with Dominik Schetting and Oliver von Klösterlein
2014 art project Abgeklärt ??? mit Dominik Schetting und Oliver von Klösterlein
2014 talk at the symposium Begegnungen organized by the Freundeskreis Paul Goesch
2014 art project in Case You're Lost with Dominik Schetting an Oliver von Klösterlein
2014 art project Auszeit für den Fitnessclub-Hamster along wiht Dominik Schetting and Oliver von 

2012 art project end.los along with Dominik Schetting and Oliver von Klösterlein 2011 Ich bin es along with Les Trixteurs 

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