Hilde Gustava

Hilde Gustava

Norwegian artist Hilde Gustava creates dynamic pieces through the use of vibrant colors and textures. The opposite of the typical minimalist and ‘dark’ Norwegian artists (by her own description), Hilde is daring with color and her multiple-layering technique makes the structure and depth of her paintings rich and exciting. Her artistic style was what won her the “Hedmarksprisen” Art and Cultural Award in 2012. 

Her studio is in Hamar, Norway, but she like to get inspired by travelling and to have pop-up outdoor studios enjoying the great energies from the nature.

Throughout the last 12 months she had two separate exhibitions in Norway, and four group exhibitions in New York, London, Sofia and Stockholm.

Next exhibition is in Dubai, and she has recently signed a contract with Middle East Art Collector Association.

Hilde Gustava has studied art, art and craft, theatre, history, Norwegianand philosophy in University and Collage. 

The recent years she has being occupied with ancient symbols and spirituality in different continents throughout the history.

The symbols for Pi and infinity are prominently featured in her works, emphasizing the idea of endlessness and man’s continuous need to explore. Humanity will forever investigate and experiment to find new ways of living and doing things, just as the artist will always find new ways to create. “I feel that creating art and the process is eternal, like the decimals in Pi,” says Gustava. “The opportunities in color, rhythm, and composition are endless… and there are so many exhiting materials to explore!!  it’s overwhelming and beautiful. I find the process of art making is mysterious and unlimited.” 

Besides from her work as a painter, Gustava creates intricate sculptures from found objects and trash, short films, performance, hidden theatre, black and white drawings, and collaborates with musicians, actors, and dancers. Throughout the years she has developed many art and culture-projects with support of the Norwegian government. In addition to this, Gustava teaches Drama, Arts and Crafts, and History, and is a part of numerous charity and arts organizations.  She is an entrepreneur and startet her own company Gustavas Cultural Factory (www.gustavaskulturfabrikk.no)  in 2007. 

Hilde Gustava aim to empower people through art and cultural projects, and her latest project was to educate and make art together with prisoners. It resulted in a great decoration project in common spaces all over the prison. The media; TV, radio newspapers covered the “opening”.  She loves working with others to help them express themselves the way she has learned to do through her art, but now she really wants to focus on developing her own artistic style and career. 

'I am the opposite of the typical minimalist and "dark" Scandinavian artist: I am daring in my colors, and my technique with multiple layers makes the structure and depth rich -and hopefully mysterious. I use pure intuition, imagination and spontaneity as my main tools, and I am very honest and direct in my expression. I am curious and love to explore and investigate in new materials and media. I never get tired of making art!

I have always been fascinated by the ancient symbols, spiritual and practical knowledge and the endless universe: micro cosmos, macro cosmos, and the mystery of the artistic pi. That very practical and very frequently used 3.14… has endless decimals, just as the primary colors, red, blue, and yellow, together with lightness and darkness can create endless color combinations, in an endless combination of lines and compositions. IT`S A GREAT JOURNEY!' - Hilde Gustava

Curator, Elisabeth, New York: 

In Hilde Gustava’s work, symbolic figures are given a powerful physical presence while holding on to their essential mystery. Two symbols crop up most frequently in her paintings: pi and the symbol for infinity. Both exist as gateways to endless experiments and investigations, and that spirit of exploration is evident in Gustava’s images. She employs intense colors as well as a striking variety of textures, and she exhibits a firm belief in the power of strong lines and basic geometric forms. As a result, her paintings turn a world of ideas into dynamic environments with an unusually tactile quality.

Part of that comes from the technique Gustava uses to create her paintings. She often begins by sculpting the surface of the canvas with such materials as sand, bird seed, and cement. The acrylic paints she uses, mixing drips and swirls with energetic brush strokes, increase that sense of vitality. As opposed to the darkness and minimalism that she says are often expected of Norwegian painters, she conjures up a world that is bright and  

Website: http://cpanel52.proisp.no/~gustasij/wordpress/

Instagram: @gustavasart

Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/gallerigustava 

Gustavas kultural Factory: www.gustavaskulturfabrikk.no

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