Hopper Prize: Great Opportunity for Artist Grants

What’s The Hopper Prize? 

The Hopper Prize is a granting agency, digital arts platform, and contemporary arts journal that supports individual artists around the world with grants in the amount of $1,000.00.  Twice per year, during Spring and Fall, The Hopper Prize accepts submissions from artists globally, working in any and all media. 

During each grant cycle, 5 artists are awarded unrestricted grants. 

The Hopper Prize welcomes submissions from artists residing internationally, with no restrictions on media, genre, or subject matter. 

Why Participate? 
A major strength of The Hopper Prize program is that grant winners are selected by a team of jurors which changes with every open call. This provides you with a direct avenue to get your work in front of up and coming curators. 
Recent Jurors include: 
- Leilani Lynch, Curator, Bass Museum of Art 
- Rachel Adams, Chief Curator and Director of Programs at the Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts 
- Mia Lopez, Assistant Curator, DePaul Art Museum Chicago 
- Patricia Restrepo, Assistant Curator, Contemporary Arts Museum Houston 
- Misa Jeffereis, Assistant Curator, Contemporary Arts Museum St. Louis

- Magdalyn Asimakis, Independent Curator & Writer, New York & Toronto

Let’s face it, it’s not easy to get the attention of a curator. Getting your work seen by high profile curators is a great benefit when you submit your work to The Hopper Prize. 

Get Support & Recognition 
In addition to 5 grant winners per awards cycle, the jurors for The Hopper Prize select a shortlist of 30 finalists. 
When you are selected as a finalist, your portfolio gets archived alongside grant winners at hopperprize.org, placing your work in an international dialogue with a dynamic and diverse group of contemporary practitioners and providing additional long term visibility for your practice. 
Notable Recent Winners & Finalists Include: 
- Alex Callender 
- Maja Ruznic 
- Alicia Eggert 
- Erik Parra 
- Tahnee Lonsdale 
- Dimitris Vavouras 
- Tracy Kerdman 
- Cathleen Clarke 
- Juan Giraldo 
- Jae Jo 
- Christopher Meerdo 
- Lebohang Kganye 
- Daniel McCarthy Clifford 
- Cody Tumblin

Gain a New Audience 
In addition to these awards, The Hopper Prize makes selections from incoming submissions on an ongoing basis to be featured on their Instagram feed @hopperprize
When you apply for a grant during one of the open calls, you have the added benefit of potentially having your work featured to a global audience on Instagram. You do not have to be selected as a grant winner or finalist to possibly receive an Instagram feature. Those features are chosen from all of the submissions to create extra opportunities for visibility when you apply. 
The Hopper Prize also publishes Insights into Contemporary Art, an online journal that posts in depth interviews with artists and professional development resources. When you win a grant or are selected as a finalist, you get the opportunity for even more exposure when your work gets published in the Journal. 
Insights into Contemporary Art gives you a platform to provide a glimpse into your studio as a working artist, expand on your background, share insight into your practice and works in progress, and speak about your influences and contemporaries.

So how do you apply for The Hopper Prize? 

Visit hopperprize.org and submit your work. The application is simple and only takes about 20 minutes. The awards are based on the quality of your work, so don’t worry about the length of your resume, or who you know. Just make sure to send in your best work. 
If they are not taking submissions when you visit the website, sign up for the email newsletter to get a reminder the next time they launch an open call. 
Website: https://hopperprize.org 
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hopperprize 
Journal: https://hopperprize.org/journal

Jen Mann

Jen Mann

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Anita Naukkarinen