Born 1947 in Bruck a.d.Mur, Austria, Renate Polzer was working 20 years as a free lance artist and organizor of cultural events in southern Styria. She studied History of Arts on the Karl-Franzens University in Graz and published her diploma thesis as a book „Horst Reichle, Maler und Graphiker“, Biberacher Verlagsdruckerei.

Erpe started her studies of painting and etching at the International Summeracademy of Arts in Salzburg with Gunter Damisch, and at the European Academy of Fine Arts in Trier with M.E.Prigge.

2002 she received the AWARD FOR GRAPHIC ART of her hometown Bruck a.d.Mur with catalogue (preface Dr. Walter Koschatzky, former director of the Museum ALBERTINA  in Vienna).

Since 2005 she moved to Vienna and opened her Studio ERPE. 

The artist was invited to exhibitions in museums, galleries and cultural centres in Austria, Germany, Croatia, Slovenia, Chech Republic, Poland, Italy, France, Spain, Japan, Korea, Argentinia, in Cuba and the Seychelles.

You can find her artwork in open and private collections and in public spaces worldwide.


Erpe has been working and experimenting since 2005 with genetic codes. In the series “hair” the artist presents both her own hair as well as hair of her family members and hair of unknown persons and integrates these most of all as structure in paintings, but also as motives in her object art. BODIES in reduced forms and different artistic techniques are returning as themes in the works of erpe. The human body is a symbol as well as synonym for different meanings - objects or surface, taking place as a basis and substance.


In 2011 the artist first dealt with the technical codes and the QR codes soon attracted her strong interest. The special appeal for the artist is to combine the already existing with the innovative and sensual intimacy with artificial practicality. This way with QUIREA, QUICK RESPONSE ART, erpe creates individual total artworks, abstract portraits and virtual synonyms of persons or organizations moving them into the focus of public attention.
This huge bouquet of genetic and technical codes persuades especially also on an emotional level and stands out substantially from the handful of international QR-Art artists


MADE IN... are the titles of the collage-paintings in this cycle. Erpe transfers historical letters and images from different cultural areas all over the world directly to her paintings. She is working with local paper in situ, finishing the artwork with collage and painting in her studio in Vienna.


Erpe was inspired to her artworks in different techniques by the interesting reduced form of fish and fish as a symbol of  protection and luck. The series „fisherman’s dream“ shows definitly the fish recognizing it because of the head- and tail-forms. If you would leave this forms there remains an abstract painting without any figural association.

CYCLE „Adam & Eve“:

Is a reduced figural cycle of women and men and the common human beeing.

The myth oft „the first human beeings“ is a popular theme in visual arts. The first couple, eating from the tree of knowledge took their way from absolutly good to a very human world of good and bad. The sin, when they were conscious their nudness may be interpreted as a symbol.

CYCLE „Music“:

Music doesn’t depend on the world of the visible – but typical shapes of instruments can be combined in visual compositions. The rhythm of the pictorial composition brings the painting near to a musical score. You can find musical terms in titles and shapes – the beholder is intended to be led to the content of images not only in a visual but as well in an intellectual way. 


























Carlos Ramirez

Carlos Ramirez

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Hikari Shimoda