Interview with Time Lin

Interview with Time Lin

Could you please introduce yourself and tell us how you started in the arts? and your first experience in art making?

In 2010, the year I turned fifty, I reached a turning point in my life. I remembered what my high school teacher Hsiao Ru-Song said to me: “You are the first genius I have seen in my forty years of teaching!” Having lived for half a century, I was suddenly conscious of the fleeting of time, days turning into nights and years passing by. One day, I stumbled upon a quote from German playwright Bertolt Brecht: “Do not mourn your faded years, but rather, face the reality of fleeting time.” French literary giant Marcel Proust once said: “Artworks are the only method of retrieving lost time.” I started thinking whether I would continue my career in advertising for the rest of my life? Or are there works that are more valuable? Because I was the consultant for the art center of my association and arranged many exhibitions for artists, I thought about joining the art world. I remember telling my friend who was also an art consultant: “If I didn’t try, I would definitely regret this when I am old.” After that, I plunged into the world of art. Holding the paintbrush for the first time after thirty-two years, I had no idea how to paint oil paintings. I went to my friend who graduated from the department of art; this friend helped me purchase paintbrushes, oil, pigment, and mentor to teach me, I created more than fifty works in canvases. With a little bit of talent and with no approximately one year. I later wanted to participate in an exhibition, but because I didn’t have an art degree and had not participated in any exhibitions before, my attempt was unsuccessful. Despite this, I practiced what Daisaku Ikeda said: “Progress forward with a heart of the young.” I continue to polish my craft till this day. After passing reviews both domestic and abroad, I have arranged eight solo exhibitions and participated in twenty-three group exhibitions, overseeing and creating work, competitions, curation, design, and display all by myself.

How would you describe yourself and your artwork?

I was born in October and belong to the constellation of Libra. I want to balance the rationality and the sensibility. I am naturally aesthetic. Because of the past work in advertising creativity and design, I can easily master the ability of art. Regarding the work, it reflects my thoughts at the time. The current style of creation is "wrinkle", showing the power of love. I think wrinkles are not only the sensation of knots and release, but also the memory curve of good times. Different pigments like oil painting push, resulting in color mixing and stacking texture, with the creators intentional or unintentional sway, due to different speeds, vector push and pull, resulting in material traction, forming interesting wrinkles. The French philosopher Gilles Louis René Deleuze once said: "The wrinkles have a cluster of thoughts of energy", so the wrinkles are shaped and have the meaning of storing memories and referring to time. I think that plate squeezing, mountain formation, human brain cortex, and all things are related to wrinkles. Wrinkles come from the encounter and agitation of different energies, such as the joy of fish and water, the yang and yin of Taiji, which contains the truth of the universe. I like to try different media creations, such as sketch, watercolor, oil painting, integrated media, ink, calligraphy, installation, video, pottery, and even dance creation. I hope to show different ideas and create new, beautiful and appreciable Art.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

In the past work style, I need to be creative every day. My head has been trained to produce in a short period of time. However, art is a perceptual thinking, and it depends on the brewing, precipitation, rumbling, and presentation of the heart. It takes more time, and later discovers that travel is an excellent model that allows art to think through the tempering of time, creating an intriguing and eternal viewing. On this matter, I would like to especially thank my wife for supporting my artistic creation along the way, because with her support, every year can follow the works, and travel abroad together and travel by the way. Yes, travel gives me a lot of inspiration, whether it is before, during, and after travel, it will give me a stimulating idea, which means that I will be embarrassed before I travel, I will think during my trip, and I will relive after I travel. The most interesting thing is that I have been to Europe in recent years, but I have discovered the connotation of the East and found myself. For example, I lived in a Paris hotel and saw the wrinkles on the bed, developing the concealed and subtle sexual aesthetics of the East; seeing the snowy mountains of Switzerland Let me feel like Chinese ink painting, etc. As in the ancient poem: " I search and search for countless times ...Suddenly...Turning my head, She's there instead. Where the lights glow dimly." Originally, art is borderless, and there is no difference between the East and the West. It gives me a sense of intimacy and feels that the world is one.

What emotions do you hope the viewers experience when looking at your art?

Visual art itself does not speak, and it requires the hearts of the audience. If the audience happens to have the same feelings as me, this is the perfect resonance. Take my recent work as an example. I hope that viewers can experience "love" when they look at my art. I use animals to describe human beings. I use a contrasting winged bird and an intimate two fish to symbolize the love of a couple or a lover, and use the wrinkled cloth to express the scene behind it. With a dramatic background, wrinkles appear in the viewer's vision. It triggers touch and touches people's emotions. "Love" is explained by the Yijing, which is the two forces of yin and yang, which complement each other, interact with each other, and work with each other. Because of love, life can never end, isn't it? I don't know why, wrinkles make me feel safe, even feeling loved. Is it because I was a child, lacking the touch of love? This is not known. But I think that what I can get can bring me physical and psychological satisfaction, especially the weight of love. In the past, my personality was static, and now love creates kinetic energy, thus changing my next life. To be honest, this world really needs love. Love can eliminate hatred and calm the war. If people have love, human beings can live in peace and the world will be better.

When do you know that an artwork is finished ?

I remember painting oil paintings before, I was not familiar with this medium, and I often painted them too delicately, so that the people who watched the paintings were very tired; or the paintings were not detailed enough, or the colors were too thin, and I often did not know when to stop painting. Now, I can master the flaws. In fact, painting is like a race. There will be a feeling before the end of the game. At this time, I just want to finish it. When the color, texture, and light are in place, you will want to see this piece. If you don't want to modify it, you will be finished. Indeed, a good painter will go all out to complete a painting until it can't be added. As for other media, each has different degrees of completion. For example, writing calligraphy has long been well-recognized. It can't be modified once it is written, but I will write more and then pick out the satisfactory works. In addition, for example, to make a video, just follow the script and then try to achieve the effect you want in the post-production stage. Of course, the amount of budget can decide when to stop, and then your feelings are controlled by rationality. It is a real thing. All in all, the work that I can do alone will be done when I finish it; if I need more people to assist me, I will become the director, just complete each stage according to the time of booking.

What has been the most exciting moment in your art career so far?

It was the video installation I had planned for a year, after the collective production of "Wu Shan Yun Yu – Bed and Beyond", I was responsible for script planning, art direction, producer and director work. This work is my first time to be selected for the Florence Biennale 2017. After the exhibition on October 5th of that year, my booth often gathered a large number of people watching. I am very appreciative of it, which has become one of the most popular works of art in the exhibition. At the awards ceremony on the last day, 450 artists from all over the world came to look forward to it. The results were announced. I won the fifth place in the video category and won the Lorenzo ilMagnifico International Award. At that time, there were five artists in Taiwan, and I was the only won the award. It is not easy to win awards in so many people. This makes my country Taiwan famous. This is I used to be the most exciting moment of my artistic career.

How long does it take to produce one work?

Different media materials take different time. If I include the time of thinking, on average it is about one month.

What exciting projects are you working on right now? Can you share some of the future plans for your artworks? 

Nowadays, the installation art of the “Yu Tue Long Men time –Never give up” is going on. Because it is a work to prepare for the Biennial, it is from the concept to the production. It is opposed by the family, the financing is limited, the application for government subsidies is not easy, and it must be technically The purpose of artistic effects and light combination is very difficult. As my creative concept, Longyue Longmen was originally a folk legend in ancient China. According to legend, due to the turbid water of the Yellow River, the general fish can not survive. Only the stain-resistant carp grows very well, and because the growth environment is yellow muddy water, the Yellow River The long squid is golden yellow scales. The ancients found that every year in the spring, these golden squids would go back to the water and form a jumping group in the gantry. But above the waterfall, no fish can be boarded because of the rapid current, so the ancient people imagined that these golden carp would jump over the gantry. It will change into a dragon and ascend to the sky. This metaphor of the act of ascension, promotion, and so on, is now like a counter-current advancement. That is to express my courage to pursue my dreams. I want to use the metaphor of the Longmen time. People need to constantly strive for the upper reaches. For example, artistic creation needs to maintain strong vitality. Although only a few people can get glory in the end, I believe that as long as holding Never. Give up the heart that never gives up, after all, it is impossible to realize the dream and realize the dream. This is the project that I am trying to overcome and exciting until now next year. In the next two years, it is also a milestone in my creation for 10 years. I hope that I can present cross-border ideas in a medium and establish my own style and artistic recognition.

Do you have any upcoming events or exhibitions we should know about?

Yes. From April 26th to 29th 2019, I will participate in the Art Revolution Taipei in Taipei, which is the first public exhibition in an independent exhibition in a large exhibition; on June 6th 2019, I Will also participate in the wasserkunst-hamburg Museum and Berlin art exchange exhibition; in addition, from October 18th to 27th, 2019 I will participate in the Florence Biennale 2019. In addition, from October 18th to 20th, I will also be exhibiting at the Art Shopping Art Expo in Carrousel du Louvre in Paris. There are also independent exhibition rooms. It is also the first time to explain my work face to face with western audiences in English. These are my important exhibitions in 2019. I hope to prove that Timelin Art is a borderless country and there is no difference in agency. Through the works, it can win the favor of international collectors and collect them.

Where do you see your art going in five years?

In the next five years, I can't predict any changes. In terms of creation, I want to try the performance of new ink paintings. It is a very important topic that needs to be faced by the Orientals. It is challenging and I yearn for it. At the exhibition, I will continue to participate in international art exhibitions, hoping to have the opportunity to participate in more biennales. In the past, I mainly focused on exhibitions that were biased towards Europe. In the future, I should gradually show up to neighboring countries in Asia and participate in art competitions in the Americas. As I have always stated, Time Lin takes time as the core, with "New,  Beautiful, Appreciative" as a concept, make good use of different methods and tools, and constantly challenge myself. By participating in large-scale competition at domestic and foreign, breaking the framework of art creation and restrictions and creating the "NBA" art.

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