All in Interview

Interview with Cho, Hui-Chin

Cho, Hui-Chin finished her Bachelor of Fine Art at Slade School of Fine Art 2014-2018 (First-class honours on the Dean's list). Having grown up in a richly integrative country, She has a deep interest in using an amalgamation of materials, especially the vintage or antique materials, to create philosophical dialogue through distorted subject matter and abstract motifs, and the enduring insistence of a grotesque iconography of baby sustains her work.

Interview with Time Lin

Where do you get your inspiration from?

In the past work style, I need to be creative every day. My head has been trained to produce in a short period of time. However, art is a perceptual thinking, and it depends on the brewing, precipitation, rumbling, and presentation of the heart. It takes more time, and later discovers that travel is an excellent model that allows art to think through the tempering of time, creating an intriguing and eternal viewing.

Interview with Kumari Nahappan

Kumari Nahappan is a prominent artist in the region of Southeast Asia; her practice encompasses inter-disciplinary genres, painting, sculpture and installations.  She has forged a reputation for effectively reconciling the language of “international contemporary art” with her own vocabulary and developing a visual identity that is decisively shaped by her cultural roots and beliefs.  

Daniel McKinley

Could you please introduce yourself and tell us how you started in the arts? and your first experience in art making? I started in the arts because I was never satisfied with the real world. I have always felt that there was more, under yet,we are thought to settle. We are limited in our thoughts. I found that art was my only escape.

Interview with Gia Strauss 

Gia Strauss was born in Jerusalem to a Swiss German mother and a South African father on February 6 1988. Growing up in Israel during the Intifada, she endured a particularly difficult childhood. She then moved with her mother and siblings to Zanzibar where she spent a number of years. Returning to Israel she attended drama school in Tel Aviv, before moving to London in 2009 where she began to develop her talents as an artist focusing on painting, filmmaking and music (piano).

Interview with Iliyan Ivanov

I was born in Burgas, a city of artists and poets in communist Bulgaria. Since 1996 I have lived in NY City and consider myself a New Yorker; but for all practical purposes I see myself as citizen of the world. My first memorable art experience was making art with my grandfather when I was 6 years old as we had a kind of an art contest drawing animals – I think I did 10 drawings in 5 min.

Interview with Gabi Domenig

Where do you get your inspiration from? The inspirations for my pictures meet me everywhere. In the media, such as film, television and (music) videos, on the Internet, on trips, in newspapers, books, in pictures and texts and in the flow of life itself. My main theme was always the woman. I want to show women in their size and uniqueness consciously and thus to pay respect to those who still do not get enough despite the great daily work. If I was not a painter, I would certainly be involved in women's and children's rights policies.

Interview with Mona Niko

Could you please introduce yourself and tell us how you started in the arts? and your first experience in art making? I am Mona Niko , Born In Tehran ,Iran in 1980 and started painting from Pre School ages with my mother encourages to continue .My fist experience to make Art was back in Art University in Tehran.

Interview with Jane Theodore

Jane Theodore lives and paints in Toronto, Canada. Her fine arts background includes exhibited work in galleries, representation by international art distributor Progressive Fine Art and publication by fine art publishers Verkerke Reprodukties N. V., of Holland. Theodore’s paintings are spontaneous explorations of gesture, form and colour. Compositions are revealed as paint is added and subtracted, scratched and scraped, revealing what lies beneath. The paintings’ foundation is high-intensity colour, and invites an intuitive and visceral reaction.

Interview with Alan Beckstead

My paintings reflect SF Pride participants from 2010 forward. They represent a period when California Proposition 8 was overturned and the Supreme Court opened up the rights to marriage for all 50 states. It was something I never imagined would happen in my lifetime A true celebration of the progress for equality. Every Americans’ dream and rightful expectation.  The works also capture the sadness but solidarity from the Orlando Pulse tragedy.   A reminder that in many ways we still face the same intolerance from the 70’s.

Interview with Grant Gilsdorf

Grant Gilsdorf is an Ohio based contemporary realistic narrative painter who has harnessed his exquisitely rendered realistic paintings into a visionary storytelling device that combines images of carefully crafted beauty existing within a brutal and gritty reality. His dark, tension-filled works mirror the narrative-driven experience of viewing a feature film, and leave the viewer contemplating their symbolic significance.

Interview with John A. O’Connor

John A. O’Connor was born in Twin Falls, Idaho in 1940. John has had 36 solo exhibitions of his paintings, including a number of retrospectives, and has participated in more than 200 group exhibitions. He has received numerous awards and honors including a National Endowment for the Arts/Southern Arts Federation Fellowship, and several State of Florida Individual Artist Fellowships. His work is included in a many public, university, college, corporate and private collections nationwide.

Interview with Juana Reimers

Juana Reimers works in the tradition of graffiti and urban art, on canvases, wall surfaces, art on construction. The luminosity and the graphic structure of the images, which give life and unorthodox color combinations, are striking. The artist succeeds in sharpening the viewer's view by seemingly moving the picture motifs further and further out of a multitude of planes, zooming in and out. The complexity of the composition invites one to read into, even to dive into another reality, in which joy, cheerfulness and unconcern, as well as the firm belief in the good in man, appear boundless.

Interview with Kokil Sharma

Kokil is a London based artist who has been involved in art since a very early age. She grew up in India, where she participated and won numerous awards and competitions. Her initial art training was mainly focussed on the facial anatomy but she later developed her skills, practice and awareness of the built environment by pursuing a degree in Architectural Technology at the University of Westminster in 2008. She worked on many Architectural projects in the Education, Retail and Housing sector but decided to revert back to her studio practice and continued painting expressive portraits and figures.

Interview with Da Vynci

Davy aka Da Vynci, originally from a small town in Belgium, Liege. Began photography in 2012 with a self-educated approach after his studies in a school of art (training of advertising executive/copywriter). His main artworks speak about a "lost world". This one speak about place removed , removed object, isolated from the modern world and the rest of humanity, in a protected enclave of history. Which brings us to a certain glory and nostalgia for the past and makes us think about some excesses and errors of the modern world.