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Best known for his large-scale photorealistic murals, Lonac is a highly talented Croatian artist whose amazing works can be found throughout his native country and beyond. His signature huge, eye-catching pieces – created with spray cans and brushes – are usually influenced by skateboard culture, comics, graffiti, movies, music, but also current social issues.

'ONE OF US ' Interview with Ayca Güney

Born in Bursa, Turkey, in 1989, Ayca Güney Turkish painter, designer and art writer. She focused on painting when she was 16 years. In 2010, she graduated from Başkent University, with a Bachelor's degree in Interior Architecture, Ankara. (TR) She also studied in Germany, where she won the 'Best Architectural Concept 2010' award at 'imm Cologne' trade fair along with Prof. Bernd Benninghoff's design team. In 2013, she was accepted to Product Design Master Program in Domus Academy in Milan. During her master, she worked with Miriam Mirri. Her first solo exhibition were featured at Art212 Gallery, in Istanbul. Also in 2017 she exhibited at Florence Biennale, with the theme 'Earth, Creativity, Sustainability.' In 2017-2018, she attented group exhibitions in London, Florence and Bodrum. In 2017, she won ''Middle East Female Art Award'', Global Art Awards, Dubai. In her art works, you would see a sensory form of stylized, idealized and empathetic portraits that is a depiction of her friends, family, book characters and musicians; all of which have found a new life with her by watercolour and oil colour. 

Helene Delmaire

My work looks to display strength through fragility; to explore man’s relationship to the natural world as a symbol of his own inner world. I do not paint people as individuals but as symbols of humankind - a mere element of the larger whole.
The subject is often swallowed or hidden by its pictural environment; truncated or erased with a swipe of the brush. The face and the eyes, the commonly named windows to the soul, are turned away or masked, turned towards an inner world that can never be wholly communicated to another, despite a shared depth. Paradoxically, the discovery of this inner world comes when personal identity is let go of. Through the loss of the personal comes the universal.

Falk von Schönfels

Falk von Schönfels (#fluctibus) is a Munich based artist and mostly creates acrylic paintings and fine drawings with pigment markers. He has just recently published a little book with German poetry and illustrations (ISBN: 978-3-945296-66-0). At the last exhibition at Gallery Weltraum in Munich he showed 72 crazy drawings in black and white and one acrylic sisyphus-picture.

Markus Åkesson

Markus Åkesson is a neofigurative painter on the international stage. His work has been shown in galleries and institutions in Paris, Berlin, Brussels, London, Vilnius and Stockholm. Living and working in Pukeberg in Nybro, Sweden, his home and studio are nestled in the woods where he is free to explore motives which relate man to nature and nature to the world unseen. His work is popular in public and private collections both in Sweden and abroad.

Alix Ghanadpour

Alix GHANADPOUR, born in 1969 in Tehran, is a French painter of Iranian origin. He is known for his post-contemporary figurative paintings of committed and percussive realism. His early exile, his commitment in the french Foreign Legion, his atypical career gives a particular meaning to the representation of the world that he offers us.

Alberto Mielgo

Emmy winner Alberto Mielgo works and lives partially between Los Angeles and Madrid, Spain. Born and raise in Spain he entirely dedicates his life to painting and working in the animation industry, the two disciplines that he equally loves. His paintings are a journal and an observation of his life . A pseudo realistic personal interpretation of people or places.

Rodrigo Etcheto

Rodrigo Etcheto is a contemporary fine art photographer based in Olympia, Washington. A native of the Pacific Northwest, Rodrigo studied mathematics before discovering his love for philosophy and photography. His work evokes a moody and contemplative atmosphere heavily influenced by the lush natural beauty of his environment which he further accentuates with careful black and white compositions.

Secundino Hernández

Secundino Hernández's diverse and energetic painting practice resists easy characterisation. His work features intricately structured compositions that mix strong linear elements and rich bursts of colour. Some canvases feature abstracted, atomised forms, while others have more densely overlaid imagery in which it is possible to discern figurative elements.

Jonathan Viner

Jonathan Viner (b. June 1976) is an American painter based in Brooklyn, NY.  He received a BFA from the Rhode Island School of Design in 1998.  Working primarily in oils, he fuses a deep respect for the tradition and craft of painting with an appreciation for the dynamic pluralism of current art practice.  His conceptually ambiguous, precisely articulated hybrids of portraiture and narrative assert the right of the artist to exceed prevailing institutional conventions in pursuit of highly individualized artistic vision.  

Tania Alvarez

Born in Sevilla, Spain, Tania Alvarez immigrated to the United States with her family in 1983. After receiving her BFA in 2005 from Pratt Institute, she continued her studies in Barcelona, Spain, earning a Postgraduate Degree from Elisava School of Design in 2009, and completed her MFA at the New York Academy of Art in 2017.

Jana Brike

Jana Brike was born in year 1980 in Riga, Latvia. She has studied academical painting in the Art Academy of Latvia and received M.A. degree in year 2005. Her work has been exhibited internationally in professional venues since 1996 while she was still a young teenager, and since then she has had 13 solo exhibitions and nearly 100 other projects and group exhibitions all over the world.